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I am a freelance photojournalist and a documentary photographer. Not long after I graduated in biology, my love for nature and the visual arts led me towards a career in photography. I believe photos can be a powerful tool for change, as long as they resonate with others. My work has been exhibited in photo festivals in Brazil and abroad, and published by National Geographic Brazil, The Green Gazette, Amanhã magazine, and other titles. 


In 2020, I was kindly allowed to photograph my cousin Herman outside his residential care home, for The Lonka Project. This project is a photographic tribute to the last Holocaust survivors with us today. Herman survived the war in the Netherlands when he was young. I only met him decades later, in Vancouver, before I immigrated to Canada. I made his portrait just after his 100th birthday, which made the occasion even more special.

Since I moved to Vancouver, I also volunteered for Vancouver ecoVillage, a non-profit that provides therapeutic services and mental health wellness for people in need through a series of programs. I photographed a couple of their Therapy Dog program events.

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